Topics of Interest 

  • How to End Victimhood in your Culture
  • What's Wrong with Being Right? How Curiosity Creates Winning Cultures
  • How to Create an Emotionally Intelligent Culture
  • Creating a Culture of Candor
  • How to End Gossip in Your Organization
  • How to Make Agreements that Eliminate Drama in the Workplace
  • The Power of Appreciation

Video Gallery

EARCOS Middle School Leadership Keynote

Student goal setting and student led conferencing have long been a part of the Middle School. Join Middle School Principal, Dr. Ronald Lalonde, and Middle School Associate Principal, Jake Dibbert as they discuss the comprehensive way reflection is built into the program for middle school students.

ASD Student Pathways - Supporting Goal Setting in the Middle School A video to help students, parents, and advisors prepare for goal setting conferences. The goal setting process in the Middle School at the American School of Dubai is the first part of a year long process that helps students regularly reflect on how school, home and service provide opportunities for their development.